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About Swim Schools International

Swim Schools International grew out of the passion of a few avid aquatic professionals in both the swimming and scuba diving worlds. They were intent on creating a worldwide, standardized program for swim instruction, open to anyone that wanted to better their abilities and level of swim instruction in their facilities.

Swim Schools International provides education materials, swim teacher training and certification for Swim Teachers, Trainers, and Aquatic Training Facilities around the world. SSI stands as the paradigm for swim teacher certification worldwide. Our training initiatives and certification requirements ensure that our certified teachers are capable of meeting the needs and abilities of swimmers of all ages - from 6 months old all the way through adulthood.

Our Baby & Me Swim Teacher certification covers teaching of our youngest swimmers - ages 6 months old through 2 years. Given the constraints of teaching children this young, teacher focus is placed on making the swimmer comfortable in the water, as well as training the parents on ways of getting their children accustomed to aquatic environments. A Baby & Me certification allows teaching the classes of Baby & Me as well as Aquababy, both of which require a parent or guardian of the child be present either in the water or on the pool deck with the child during the class.

Starting with 3 year olds in our Aquatike program, our Level 1 Swim Teachers learn the best techniques and goals for the youngest independent swimmers. Focus for training our teachers is made on comfort through repetition using home study programs, classroom instruction, multimedia presentations showing proper technique, as well as in-water training. All these learning disciplines produce the best certified teachers possible. Once certified, the Level 1 teacher is capable of teaching the following classes: Aquatike I, Aquatike II, Aquatike III, Preschool Beginner, Advanced Preschool Beginner, Beginner I, Beginner II, and Beginner III. Included in our Level 1 Swim Teacher certification is 3rd party certification as a Special Olympics Aquatics Coach. We believe it is our duty to offer the gift of swimming to every participant that wants to enjoy it, and believe that water safety is one of our most important goals. Offering this extension of certification can only benefit our communities.

The SSI Level 2 Swim Teacher certification moves into more advanced training. Level 2 Swim Teachers are trained to look for fine-tuning technique and efficiency in the water. In addition, training takes a bit more competitive turn, introducing the competitive backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly to the mix, as well as flip turns. A Level 2 Swim Teacher is certified to teach the following classes: Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Advanced I, as well as Advanced II and Junior Olympians. Many of our Level 2 Swim Teachers go on to coach swim teams and other competitive swimming groups.

Teaching adult non-swimmers is typically a different set of skills from teaching youth, so we offer a specialized certification as an Adult Swim Teacher. Teachers are trained in special skills for teaching physically larger and stronger swimmers, as well as ways of managing lifelong aquatic fear factors often present in adult non-swimmers.

We also offer professional level certifications, including Swim Teacher Trainers, and Swim Trainer Certifiers. Visit our Certifications page to learn more about those levels and how the work with the Level 1, Level 2, Baby & Me and Adult Swim Teachers to create a complete teacher training system that is unparalleled in the aquatics industry.